USD-CHF @ 1.1837/42...Surprising rise

R: 1.1885-90 / 1.1927 / 1.1955
S: 1.1840-30 / 1.1790-80

Contrary to our expectation, Dollar-Swiss has risen past 1.1850, breaking out of the 1.1550-1830 rising channel that it has been trading in for the past several days. While it now stays above 1.1840-30, there could be chances of follow-through Stop Loss buying, which could take the market up towards 1.1927, the projected Max High for the Day. Before that, however, there could be some Resistance at 1.1890 also.

Failure to move up from current levels, coupled with a break below 1.1830-20 may suggest that the intra-day rise to 1.1885 was a false break.

Whatever it be, our Short at 1.1815 has been stopped out at 1.1855 and we are staying out for today.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.4307/10...Erratic sideways trade

R: 1.4419 / 1.4460
S: 1.4267 / 1.4150 / 1.4090

Up yesterday to a high of 1.4445 (but not high enough to give up profit on our Long), down today to a low of 1.4152 and then back up just now. Looks like the Pound is intent on moving up and down erratically between 1.4090 and 1.4460 for the next few days.

It is to be seen whether the Resistance at 1.4500 on the Weekly Candles holds or not. Take a look at:

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.6395/6400...Indecisive, breakout due next week

R: 0.6434 / 0.6490-6520
S: 0.6356 / 0.6305

The Aussie had risen to 0.6525 yesterday, but fell from there to an intra-day low near 0.6356 today. There is good Support at 0.6305, as can be seen on the Daily Candles on the following page:

At the same time, there is Resistance near 0.65-66 on the Daily Line chart, as can be seen on the following page:

As such, the market can be ranged and indecisive between 0.63-66 for some time. That said, a breakout is nearing, either up towards 0.67-68 or down towards 0.61 in the coming week.

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