USD-CHF @ 1.1294/99...Plunges once again

R: 1.1555 / 1.1567-87 / 1.1621

S: 1.1273 / 1.1194-75 / 1.1117

Next Support level for Swiss is at 1.1175 (50% retracement of the rise from 1.0367 to 1.1967). Dollar-Swiss is being butchered further even after it dipped towards 1.13 our target mentioned in the morning. It might possiblty rest near 1.1194 where exists the 200-day MA if it sees a dip past the 100-week MA at 1.1275. Our Projected Max Low for the day is also at 1.1273, it might not be able to hold on to the Support going by the momentum.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.4487/91...Surges past 1.45

R: 1.4667-75 / 1.4707 / 1.5005

S: 1.4271 / 1.4027

Cable has surged past 1.4500 mentioned in the morning. Now, will it follow the trend mentioned in the morning by dipping from hereon to top out near the current level? Could be possible. If that were to happen, the pair could soon be preparing for journey downhill towards 1.3700 else there's 100-day MA at 1.4675 which might be tested. Whatever said and done! These markets have grown extremely volatile now. To see the chart of Cable, click on:

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.6882/87...Holding Long

R: 0.7005 / 0.7251

S: 0.6714 / 0.6660 / 0.6600

Aussie inched higher towards the target of 0.70 for the time being which is soon likely to be revised to 0.7250. We would match the market for such a rise. We have gone Long in Aussie following the trend. Though we expected the surge to be towards 0.6850, the rising Momentum outdid the target. A dip is likely to be contained near the Resistance-turned-Support region of 0.6640-00. However, the double bottom on the weekly charts, looks confirmed for the pair.


Long AUD 10K at 0.6881, SL 0.6790, TP 0.7000