EUR-USD @ 1.4930/32...Holding Long

Euro has risen once again. The Resistance at 1.4970 which has been honoured twice last week may be crucial going forward.


EUR 10K Long at 1.4840, SL 1.4870 (up from 1.4850), TP 1.5150

Limit Buy Order:

Buy EUR 10K at 1.4774, SL 1.4715, TP 1.4860


USD-JPY @ 90.84/87...Supported at 90.20-90.00

Dollar-Yen is bouncing back after having fallen towards 90.37. The Support at 90.20-90.00 has held and is likely to keep the pair bullish in the short term for a rise towards 92.50-93.00


USD 10K Long at 90.50, SL 90.00, TP 92.50

Limit Buy Order:

Buy USD 10K at 90.10, SL 89.50, TP 92.50


EUR-YEN @ 135.64/68...Holding Long

The Cross has been rising steadily.Any correction is likely to be curtailed near 134.75-60 region and a rise towards the Resistance at 136.10 or even 136.85 may be seen during the US session.


EUR 10K Long at 135.31, SL 134.65 (up from 134.35), TP 137.60.


USD-CHF @ 1.0140/42...Bearish

Dollar-Swiss has continued to fall as it moved further towards parity. The Projected Max Low for the day has been breached and expect further dip towards 1.0050 on a break of 1.0110.


USD 10K Short at 1.0225, TSL 1.0190 (down from 1.0210), TP Open
As soon as the pair trades 1.0100, bring TSL to 1.0150


GBP-USD @ 1.6291/95...Watch Resistance 1.6420-50

Cable has bounced back after recording a low of 1.6240.The Resistance at 1.6420-50 is the region to be watched closely. A break of this can be very bullish for the pair. Our Short at 1.6301 has been exited at 1.6290 bagging 11 pips.

Limit Sell Order:

Sell GBP 10K at 1.6435, SL 1.6480, TP 1.6220