USD-CHF @ 1.0242/46...Resistance at 1.0270

R: 1.0270 / 1.0320 / 1.0385
S: 1.0200-1.0185 / 1.0130 / 1.0050-30

Swiss has broken the range (1.0130-1.0220) in which it has been trading this week, on the upside. However a sharp rise was not seen after the breakout which is keeping the broader bearish sentiment intact. Immediate Resistance is seen at 1.0270 which we expect to hold in during the day. Note that the projected Max-High for the day is 1.0278. However, a strong break above 1.0270 might take it up towards 1.0320-50.

On the other hand is the Resistance at 1.0260 holds, we might see a downmove once again towards 1.0130.

Limit Sell Order:
Sell USD 10K at 1.0260, SL 1.0340, TP Open


GBP-USD @ 1.6338/41...Testing crucial Resistance region 1.6308-55

R: 1.6439 / 1.6572
S: 1.6288-77 / 1.6207-6194

The pair is still testing the Resistance region 1.6308-55 that we had mentioned yesterday. This region houses the 13-week MA (1.6337), 55-DMA (1.6355), 100-DMA (1.6308) and the trendline Resistance on the daily candles at 1.6320. To see the trendline Resistance, click on:

This Resistance region is likely to be crucial. A break would mean a surge towards 1.6750 over the next few days. Else, it may come down initially towards 1.60 and subsequently towards 55-week MA at 1.5691. The Projected Max High and Low for the day as can bes een from the At a glance at the following page: is at 1.6439 and 1.6194 respectively.


AUD-USD @ 0.9269/73...Resistance at 0.9325

R: 0.9325 / 0.9385-0.9410 / 0.9485
S: 0.9250 / 0.9200-0.9180 / 0.9130

The Resistance at 0.9325 continued to hold in yesterday's US session also. However, a sharp downmove was also not seen which keeps the broader uptrend intact. If it continues to trade below 0.9300 we might see a downmove once again towards the Significant Support region 0.9200-0.9180 during the day. We expect this Support region (0.9200-0.9180) to hold as the overall sentiment remains bullish. Note that the projected Max-Low for the day is 0.9205. On the upside a strong break above the Resistance at 0.9325 might see a rise towards the previous high of 0.9405 (16-Nov-09)

Limit Buy Order:
Buy AUD 10K at 0.9215, SL 0.9125, TP Open