The G-20 during their meeting focused on the need of a clear credible exit strategy for the non-standard measures introduced by governments and central banks to combat the financial and economic crisis in order to lower the risk of having of having far-reaching calamity stemming from the swelling budget deficit. Finance ministers of the 20 countries said that recovery strengthened faster than estimated which will enable economies to withdraw stimulus. However, they mentioned that some countries need to keep the extraordinary measures for a while to boost recovery that is still fragile.

Moreover, the Greek government's ask for the 45 billion euros aid from the EU and IMF took part of the G-20 discussions. Finance ministers elaborated that they must prevent other nations from falling into the Greek debt agony where some countries can expand their demand to give an impetus for those who have shortage in savings. It is worth noting, worries sparked in Greece last week after its borrowing cost spiked, the EU raised estimates to 13.6% or above 14% of GDP for the Greek debt in 2009, and Moody's Investors Service had reduced the Greek debt rating.