G20 leaders expressed their impatience over the economic situation in Europe and the political conflict seen in Greece, where during the two-day summit in France leaders criticized the two-year old debt crisis in Europe and urged leaders to contain it as soon as possible.

World leaders were disappointed that the European Union was unable to provide a final plan and implement it as scheduled, where world leaders called on the European Union before to put an end to the debt crisis by this week.

Leaders renewed their calls and demanded the European Union to solve the debt crisis as soon as possible in middle of the deteriorating Greek government and the possibility of a Greek default very soon, especially after Greek parties found no common grounds and clear decisions until now.

Moreover, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy called on policy makers to keep the entire financial aid for Greece on hold until further details should reveal the country's plan to cancel the general referendum and show determination and commitment to the second bailout deal.

Both leaders also demanded Italy to intensify austerity measures, especially when the country handles the largest debt in the euro-area, where leaders also demanded Italy to implement the measures quickly to avert financial problems as Greece could face bankruptcy soon.