‘The best way to become successful in trading is to learn from someone with more experience than you, and for that person to become your mentor. You train alongside them in a professional environment, preferably as part of a team of traders. Trading by yourself is extremely hard without a team of people to watch, question and bounce ideas off.” — Mike Baghdady (a 35-year veteran of the financial markets)


Many markets wizards trade behind closed doors. They’ll never let you see how they trade, and for you to become successful you need to know how pros trade so you can duplicate their success. If someone helps me make, say $1000+ in month, based on his professional information, why would I find it difficult to give him $100 out of my pocket?

Forex signals strategy trading is based on the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ recommendations delivered by a third party. Many forex traders can improve their profitability significantly by using one or more of such strategies while trading. Some traders call it lazy trading systems. The pros do all the hard work, analyze the markets and come up with trading decisions. You just act on their trading notifications and make money. It might take years to become successful if you’re trying to make your own trading decisions. I’m a living witness to this fact. The FX markets are very huge; so it doesn’t matter how many of us are making money together providing that we do the right thing at the right time. Below are some of the noteworthy benefits of forex signals strategy:

1. It ensures precise entry and exit signals.

2. It offers no ambiguity. You know what to do instantly.

3. It offers controlled risk. The strategy gives specific money management and risk management recommendations.

4. Superior profits potential.

5. Proven trading systems.

6. Quickest and easiest way to trade successfully.

7. You spend less time trading, yet make more profits.

8. It saves time – no need for you to go thru the rigors of figuring out your trading system.

9. Sometimes there are trading accounts set up with automated capabilities to trade signals automatically.

There are many companies that offer signals strategy services out there. Trading rooms are very popular, plus trading signals can also be delivered thru online dashboards, IM, email, SMS so that you know if there’s a trading set-up and you quickly execute the trade. Of course you can interrupt a signals strategy order and trade as you wish, but if you know it’s making money, you’ll be confident in it. One problem is: you need to make sure you’re with the right company in order to be successful. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a company that provide forex signals strategy services:

1. Registration in their home country.

2. Excellent customer support services: Stop dealing with any company that doesn’t answer your questions or clarify your concerns. If they don’t respond to you as an enquirer don’t think they’d treat you better when you become their client. You ought to be treated like an individual, not like a number.

3. Free trial: As a rule, beware of any signals services that don’t offer no-strings-attached free trials. This would give you the opportunity to try their trading signals on demo during the trial period so that you could ultimately decide if their services are worth paying for. If they think their services are OK, let them give you some free signals to whet your appetite.

4. Transparency: You must see their past records in order to ensure that they survive the markets in the long run.

5. Honesty: If a company tells you they can’t lose or that you’ll make hundreds of percentage in a year, it’s a warning signal. Stay clear!

6. Affordable prices: Don’t think that the higher the prices, the better the services.

7. Compatibility: Whether you want to be a full time or part time trader, the company ought to have a strategy that suits your schedule.

There are other factors to be considered when choosing a signals strategy but time won’t permit me to explain more. You got to know that forex signals strategy services are also about profits and losses – just like any other trading systems on this planet. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Nevertheless they emerge successful in the long run. In most cases, you need to judge the trading results of most of the signals strategy companies on monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or even yearly basis. The signals providers are also human beings who are working hard to provide good signals and constantly upgrade their strategies. You need to be diligent and patient along with them to duplicate the kind of results you saw in their track records. Their past winning results that are several months or several years old are a proof that they should survive in future.

If you’re a get-rich-rich-quick adventurer or an undisciplined soul, signals strategy mayn’t be suitable for you. You may start looking for money doublers to give you 100% returns in a short time – an experience that’ll prove priceless (lol)!

Next week I’ll tell you the most significant fact about trading (to some, it’s the most scandalous fact). This fact has made many traders metamorphose into markets wizards and if you know it, it can be a catalyst that’ll awaken the genius in you. The fact will be expatiated on next Friday in the part 4 of this topic. Watch out! Let me conclude with a quote from one of the beneficiaries of forex signals strategy services:

‘Thankfully I found a strategy service which took a huge amount of workload away from me and also helped me to ensure that I was consistently making the best trades… It’s one of the major factors that saved my marriage; it’s also the main function that makes it a good value for money.’’ — Mr. Paul

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NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.

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