I'm a guy, so I know nothing about menopause--and I don't want to know either--but based on my father's panic and jumpiness, it's bad.

But ladies, if you want to take pity on your husbands, don't gain weight in your 50s.

A new study found women who chub up during mid-life may have worse hot flashes as they approach menopause.

Over four years, scientists measured hormone levels of more than 1,600 women, ages 47 to 59, along with body fat percentage and frequency of hot flashes.

Reporting in the American Journal of Epidemiology, 53% of women put on weight, 24% slimmed down, and 23% stayed the same.

Findings revealed women who gained weight were 1.23 times more likely to report hot flashes, the link remained even when hormone levels were considered.

My mom is pretty funny about her hot flashes. When she starts to feel one coming on, she says flame on, like the Human Torch, and then we run!

Via Reuters.