FXStreet.com (Phoenix) - U.S. Equities rally and provide a Close @ 8083.38 with a 246-point Appreciation on the back of better-than-expected 1st Quarter Earnings by Wells Fargo with a 32% Clip of their Stock. The Financial Sector also rallies, and these two elements provide a clean ground for the U.S. Dollar and Japanese Yen to Appreciate as well, ignoring its' usual Equity Gain/Dollar Weakness Inverse Correlation.

The EUR/USD and most Major Currency Units remain Range-Bound and in Consolidation moving into the Easter Holiday weekend, despite some shifts in Markets Sentiment and Re-Positioning of Institutional Sentiment. The Euro currently sits @ 1.3164 with an IntraDay Bearish Tone, as the USD/JPY conversely regain Bullish Momentum and remains solidly above the 100.00 Handle @ 100.43.

Volatility begins to increase as Market Volume begins to decrease, as muted Price Behavior begins to envelop the Foreign Exchange markets as a whole.

Crude Oil and Gold still hold largely Bearish Sentiment, with NYMEX Crude closing the Day @ $52.24, up $2.86 per Barrel and Gold maintains a neutral Bias with a $2.60 Fall to $883.30

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