A European court has granted Apple's request for an injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Tuesday.

Apple had sought to stop the sales and marketing of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, claiming that the device was far too similar to Apple's own iPad 2 in hardware and software design as well as packaging. This particular injunction, however, is related only to the design of the devices, according to Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents.

Apple is making the same case concerning the iPhone and the Galaxy phone, and has already achieved a similar victory in Australia as of last week. Both companies are also seeking an import ban on their rivals' products from the United States' International Trade Commission (ITC), which stated (also last week) that that they are moving forward with an investigation into Apple's claims.

The ruling of the Regional Court of Dusseldorf, Germany court has jurisdiction everywhere in Europe except for The Netherlands, where Samsung's tablet may still be sold because of a "separate legal proceeding in that country," writes Florian Mueller on the FOSSPatents blog. "That exception relates only to Samsung's Korean parent company, not to the German subsidiary."

Shane Richmond of The Telegraph also observed that "according to some retailers, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 became the fastest-selling tablet since the iPad 2 when it launched in Britain" just last week. Apple's successful injunction is likely a serious blow to Samsung's rollout strategy, taking place in the lucrative initial sales period.

Samsung will appeal, but the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will remain unavailable (and unadvertised) for at least four weeks before the appeal will be heard. Oddly, the Telegraph story claimed that "A Samsung spokesman said the company could not comment on legal proceedings.", while other (perhaps later) articles quote a Samsung email which said that the injunction was granted "without any hearing or presentation of evidence from Samsung."


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