The court that granted Apple's request for injunction on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has revised its ruling, and the device is no longer banned outside of Germany.

The Dusseldorf Regional Court has reviewed its initial ruling, ultimately deciding that the German border is the extent of its jurisdiction. This greatly reduces the extent of the ban on Samsung's device, which had initially been interpreted as being in effect throughout all European counties, with the sole exception of the Netherlands.

"The judges decided to limit the enforceability for now because there are doubts whether a German court has so a wide a jurisdiction over a company based in Korea," explained court spokesman Peter Schuetz in an interview with Bloomberg.

Apple had sought the injunction on the grounds that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 too closely resembled Apple's own wireless tablet, the well-known iPad. The German court case is but one of a number of current legal conflicts between the two companies in various countries, initiated by Apple's assertions that Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphone and tablets "slavishly copy" Apple's well-known iPhone and iPad "from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging," according to Apple spokesperson Kristin Huguet.

The Dusseldorf Regional Court found enough merit with Apple's claim -- at least on the grounds of the design portion of the argument -- to grant the temporary injunction last week. The ban prohibits both the import and sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and remains in effect within Germany until the hearing date of August 25.

Although the court's revision comes only one day after concerns were raised that Apple had altered pictures of the Samsung device -- which some believed was to give a misleadingly heightened impression of similarity -- the court made no mention of this controversial aspect in its statements.

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