Located in Newton Massachusetts, Galectin Therapeutics is focused on developing promising carbohydrate-based therapies for fibrotic liver disease and cancer based on the company’s unique understanding of galectin proteins. Today, the young company took a major step towards prominence with the announcement they have expanded European patent coverage.

The new patent is No. 02731178.6 “Co-administration of Polysaccharide with Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer” and has been granted by the European Patent Office. This application is the seventh patent in Galectin Therapeutics growing patent portfolio and will protect methods for reducing the toxicity of chemotherapies in which a polysaccharide is co-administered with a chemotherapeutic agent.

Leading the way at Galectin Therapeutics is Peter G. Traber, M.D. whom serves as the company’s CEO. Commenting on the new patent and the company’s expansion into the European market, Dr. Traber was quoted as saying, “We continue to strengthen our intellectual property portfolio beyond the U.S. We expect similar success with additional patent applications pending internationally. The new patent covers the administration of a therapeutic agent to cancer patients to enhance efficacy while substantially reducing toxicity and the well-known, undesirable side effects suffered by most chemotherapy patients. The patent also allows claims for the composition of matter for GM-CT-01 itself.”

To learn more about the company as a whole or this press release, visit their corporate website at: www.galectintherapeutics.com

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