The internet is no longer the only place you have to worry about encountering “Game of Thrones” spoilers. A new app dedicated to spoiling the show has hit the app store and no one is safe. allows users to send anonymous spoilers to unsuspecting victims. The app costs 99 cents — a small price to pay for revenge of this caliber. According to the Guardian, the Spoiled app sends a “Game of Thrones” tidbit to a phone number of the user’s choosing the moment the much-beloved HBO series ends. The service will continue sending spoilers to the unlucky victim until there are no more spoilers to send. It then tweets the responses from its designated Twitter account. founders got the idea from a Reddit user who’s ex-girlfriend launched a similar attack on him after their split. According to Esquire, the pair were together for nearly a year before their relationship ended in infidelity. The scorned ex decided the best revenge would be to send a “Game of Thrones” spoiler every Monday. In a post on Reddit, the user explained he tried to thwart his former lover’s attacks, but his efforts were futile.

“Since then she spoils the show for me every week. I tried to ask her to stop but she blocks me immediately after she sends the message. I blocked her on whatsap [SIC], but she did it via Facebook. Then the next week it was text. She even borrowed one of our mutual friends phones to do it, and I fell for that. (Our mutual friends are all closer to her and apparently hate me now because of what she’s told them about me.) I can’t watch it before she ruins it [because] I have to wait til my girlfriend (my ex ex) is home from work to watch it with her,” he wrote.

“Game of Thrones” spoilers have become a more and more prevalent problem for fans who watch the series on HBO Go and HBO Now. While the latter service, which does not require a cable subscription, allows fans to tune in as the show airs live, it has struggled to keep up with the increasing viewer base. On June 19, during Season 6, episode 9, thousands of viewers experienced outages on the service. Many took to Twitter to express their frustration, prompting an apology from HBO. The service was said to be up and running shortly after complaints started rolling in.

Avoid spoilers by tuning in to the Season 6 finale on HBO Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. EDT.