“Game of Thrones” really knows how to stab a dagger right in our hearts. After the HBO series killed our dreams -- along with Catelyn and Robb Stark -- in season 3, the acclaimed fantasy drama has decided to return with yet another slew of episodes to make us cringe and weep. Don’t believe us? Check out season 4’s promo (above) for the upcoming series, which is set to premiere April 6, 2014.

Way to give us nightmares, David Benioff. We don’t know if it’s the screaming crow, the fact it’s falling into pieces, or the grim words written on top that caused our skin to breakout in goose bumps. “All Men Must Die,” the season 4 promo for “GoT” reads. Sounds familiar, right? That’s because we’ve heard that exact phrase before in season 3.

While Daenerys is strolling along with her new right hand woman, Missandei, she tells the former slave that all men must die. “But we are not men,” she slyly adds. Is the mother of dragons foreshadowing the deaths of major male characters in season 4? We hope not, but hey—we also weren’t planning on losing Eddard Stark in the first season.

So who do we think might get the axe in season 4? Well, fans might not like our prediction. According to a trailer, we see fan’s favorite Tyrion Lannister locked in a dungeon. “Come for a last look?” he whimsically says. Tyrion has used his sharp tongue to get out of trouble for the past three seasons. But it looks like his luck has finally run out. We have a feeling its Tyrion’s own family who locks him away seeing as there are the only ones immune to his wit. But why would his kin thrown him into a cell? We’ve yet to figure that out.

Another prediction of ours is that Joffrey is killed in season 4—granted, he’s not much of a “man.” Seriously, how many seasons can he run around killing women and acting out? Someone has to teach him a lesson!

Other characters who might be on the chopping block this upcoming season are are Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister and his father Tywin, Bran Stark, Samwell Tarly, and Theon. Do you think the posters that reads “Valar Morghulis” (which translate to “All men must die.”) is foreshadowing of the deaths to come in the upcoming series? Who do you think will bite the dust in season 4? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.