Episode 9 of HBO’s hit drama series “Game of Thrones” is titled “The Dance of Dragons.” The penultimate episode of Season 5 explores the aftermath of the epic battle of "Hardhome." The promo trailer has been released and it offers a sneak peek of what to expect. [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

Jon Snow Returns

The promo video opens with Jon Snow’s return to the gates of Castle Black. He brings with him the survivors of the epic battle with the Wights and White Walkers from Hardhome. Ser Alliser Thorne looks disappointed to see him alive but the Lord Commander and his group have terrifying news to deliver about the Night’s King and the terrifying army he has built.

Jaime Faces A Tough Decision

From up in the North, the video shifts down to the southern end of Westeros. After being captured while attempting to rescue Myrcella, Jaime Lannister is brought before Prince Doran Martell. He gives Jaime the choice to live by pledging allegiance to him or die a traitor.

Lanna Of The Canals

“The girl has work to do,” says Jaqen H’ghar as he oversees Arya Stark’s training. She has taken the identity of “Lanna of the canals.” She continues her mission on the docks to prove that she is ready to play the game of faces. The synopsis also promises an interesting development in Arya’s storyline when she encounters someone from her past.  

Stannis Is Determined To Fulfill His Destiny

While being held back by the incoming winter, Stannis is determined to march upon Winterfell. He is still smarting from his defeat in the Blackwater and plans to redeem himself in the North. Lady Melisandre has wasted no time in reminding him that his decision to leave her behind in the previous battle cost him the victory in King’s Landing. This time around, she is doing everything that she can to convince him to sacrifice his daughter Sheereen in order to guarantee victory.

Jorah Takes Desperate Measures

The trailer shows Daenerys clapping her hands to signal the beginning of fighting season. She is seated among thousands of people in a majestic fighting pit reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum. In the last episode, Jorah Mormont has submitted himself back to slavery just to be able to fight once again in front of his queen. As the title suggests, the possibility of an appearance by Daenerys’ dragons in this episode is not far-fetched.

“Game of Thrones” Season 5, episode 9, “The Dance of Dragons,” will airs at 9 p.m. EDT Sunday on HBO. See the promo video below:

Source: YouTube/GameOfThrones