Is he dead? Or is he alive? That’s the question “Game of Thrones” fans are dying to know about beloved Night’s Watch leader Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Every viewer seems to have a theory and opinion on the matter, and star Maisie Williams is chiming in -- again.

Williams, 18, was in New York City to host the #LikeAGirl Confidence Summit. She swung by Extra’s Time Square studio to talk about the season 5 finale and the “death” of her on-screen half-brother.

“I think people are just trying to be hopeful, but … I mean, you saw him get stabbed … a lot,” Williams explained.

Fans will remember that Jon Snow was betrayed by his brothers in the Night’s Watch in the final moments of the finale. Each of the men took turns stabbing Jon Snow, stating, “For the Watch,” after each blow. He collapsed after getting stabbed by Olly (Brenock O’Connor), the young boy he took in after his parents were brutally murdered by Wildings.

The episode concluded with Jon Snow lying with eyes open in a pool of blood – yet fans don’t believe that he’s truly dead. Some rumors are based off the idea that his eyes “changed colors” before the finale ended. Meanwhile, others believe that he’ll turn into a White Walker or get brought back from the dead by Melisandre (Carice van Houten).

Maisie William’s really didn’t say either way if Jon Snow is truly dead, but she’s not the only “Game of Thrones” cast member to comment on it. Emilia Clarke previously said that she has “no idea what’s happening.”