The hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” is returning to Spain to film scenes for its sixth season. With the story line for the fifth season ending close to the last published book, Season 6 is in uncharted territory. Two locations have been confirmed for the show’s return to Spain in July, and one of the locations closely resembles "Storm's End" as descibed in "A Song of Ice and Fire."

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, locations in the Spanish cities of Girona and Peñíscola have been confirmed. Both confirmed locations are in the northeastern side of the country.Girona is a stone’s throw away from Barcelona in the region of Cataluña. It is located near the northernmost point of the country close to the French border and Andorra. The city is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture which can represent several possible Westerosi locations or free cities.

Peñíscola, on the other hand, is located right on the Mediterranean coast in the region of Valencia. The municipality is a peninsula that features a fortified seaport and a castle. One possible location that fits the description of Peñíscola is Storm’s End, the seat of House Baratheon. Based on the description for “A Song of Ice and Fire,” the castle is built upon the rocks of Shipbreaker Bay. It has a huge drum tower for the main keep and is surrounded by high fortified walls.

It remains unclear which fictional places from the books would be represented by the new locations. Likewise, a return to Dorne has not yet been confirmed. The scenes in the Dorne Water Gardens were previously filmed in The Royal Alcazar of the Seville. Another location that was utilized for Season 5 was the Plaza de Toros of Osuna. The venue was featured prominently in episode 9, "The Dance of Dragons.” It was used to represent a Meereenese fighting pit where Daenerys Targaryen was attacked by the “Sons of the Harpy” and was subsequently rescued by Drogon, one of her three dragons.

Both previously used locations are in the southern region of Andalusia. The old and new locations are on opposite ends of the country and it is unclear if they will be representing the same or new fictional places in the world of “Game of Thrones.”

The final episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 5 airs Sunday at 9 .p.m EDT on HBO.