“No Man’s Sky” is a new game that wowed audiences during the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Now, Sean Murray, head of Hello Games, has released an 18-minute gameplay video of the title. He also discusses several gameplay features for the seemingly infinite open-world gameplay that can be found in “No Man’s Sky.”

The gameplay video was first revealed in IGN. Murray showed off some of the gameplay elements of this free roaming sci-fi game. The ever-popular crafting mechanic makes an appearance, as it is one of the most-used features in video games these days. The “No Man’s Sky” crafting system will have its own periodic table, with elements that can be found only in the game -- making it seem even more surreal.

Games Radar reported that “No Man’s Sky” will take some influence from the critically acclaimed “Minecraft” game, hence the intense crafting system that has been introduced. Players will be able to craft almost anything, from the ships they fly to the weapons used against various foes. Each item that can be crafted will have its own menu, so there will be one for weapons, one for survival items and one for the game’s ship -- which should make for some interesting gameplay mechanics.

“No Man’s Sky” is one of the most ambitious titles, and the fact that each item needs a separate menu for management and crafting shows how complex the game is.

At E3, “No Man’s Sky” was one of the most popular games shown in the expo, as it was a new property that dealt with space travel and free roaming that hadn’t been seen in a video game before. It seems that the 18-minute video will make fans more excited for the game, which still has no official release date. 

No Man's Sky: 18 Minute Gameplay Demo - IGN First (Credit: YouTube/IGN)