Gamma Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a marketing and product formulation company. They have created, registered, and branded innovative product lines including Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care Products, and Over the-Counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals. The company has their headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and they manufacture in North America, with initial distribution in the United States and Greater China.

They are focusing on adapting their proprietary “Gel Delivery Technology®”, and delivering wellness products in productive market categories. They have established the first comprehensive line of GEL-based products. GEL is short for a form of biopolymers, which have found use in prepared foods as natural additives, thickeners, and stabilizers.

The all-natural GEL base provides a faster, more effective dosing format with textures, flavors and fragrances that are more favorable. Gamma uses GEL technology for oral delivery of vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals, adjunctive therapies, and OTC medications as well as for skin disinfection and cosmetic use. They believe their Gel Delivery Technology offers a highly desirable innovation over typical tablets and capsules. Gamma offers consumers solid gels, liquid gels, crystal gels, and gel strips.

Gamma Pharmaceuticals SAVVYâ„¢ products have a preference with adults who desire good health, good flavor, natural formulas, and convenience. Their Brilliant Choice Vitamins and supplements are for children’s nutrition. Their focus here is to offer families nutrition, while offering affordable prices at the same time.