Now that Thanksgiving is over, it can only mean one thing: Some people are about to go way, way overboard with their Christmas decorations. However, this insane display of Christmas lights, synced to South Korean pop star PSY’s unlikely hit “Gangnam Style,” is much more tolerable than most.

The light show comes courtesy of Listen To Our Lights, the site of an Austin, Texas, Christmas lights enthusiast named John Storms. Storms has received plenty of media coverage for his over-the-top lights shows in the past, including takes on “Angry Birds,” Lady Gaga's “Poker Face” and classics such as the “Carol of the Bells.”

Storms decided to kick it up a notch this year by including a take on the global pop hit “Gangnam Style,” whose fame was helped by the viral dissemination of its video on YouTube. South Korean pop singer PSY scored an unlikely crossover hit in the song earlier in the summer after premiering a thoroughly insane music video featuring, among other things, a dance about pretending to ride a horse.

“Gangnam Style” quickly went viral, and while a lot of commenters are saying that the song is played out -- indeed, the glut of “Gangnam Style” parodies got old after a while -- this Christmas lights show provides a pretty fresh take on the unlikely pop hit.

In other "Gangnam Style" news, the song just became the most watched video of all time on Youtube. So, played out or not, "Gangnam Style" still has tons of fans out there.

Watch the entire “Gangnam Style” Christmas lights show below.