It's not been a good year for former CSI star Gary Dourdan; He was arrested in November for domestic violence and drug possession the same night he was in a violent car crash and is now facing foreclosure on his home in California.

TMZ obtained documents filed in September showing that Dourdan missed a July payment for his Venice, Calif. home and then defaulted on his mortgage. Documents said Dourdan owes $61,558.90 on the home he bought in 2004 for nearly $1 million.

The foreclosure comes after a series of unfortunate events for Dourdan. He was arrested with jail looming after he allegedly broke terms of a restraining order his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Vail Cannizzaro, filed against him.

According to a report from TMZ, Dourdan pled not guilty to felony domestic charges against Cannizzaro, after she reported he broke her nose in a fight. Police were responding to a domestic disturbance when they found Cannizzaro with a broken nose.

Following his arrest, Cannizzaro filed a three-year restraining order against Dourdan, which he violated in Dec. by texting her.

Before that, Dourdan was arrested for drug possession in Los Angeles on June 13 after he smashed his SUV into two parked cars around 3:30 a.m. with of ecstasy found on him.

Dourdan was also arrested in Palm Springs in April 2008, charged later with possession of heroin, cocaine and ecstasy stemming from the arrest.

Gary Dourdan's character, Warrick Brown, was killed off in the series in 2008. Dourdan has had a few small roles since and will star in a 2012 thriller entitled The Woods opposite Mickey Rooney.