With Gov. Cuomo's marriage equality bill allegedly making its way to the New York State Senate, New Yorkers are also getting ready to kick off Pride Week.

To celebrate the beginning of Pride Week, designer Michael Kors decorated the windows of his Bleeker Street store in New York's West Village with gay wedding cakes! The traditional-looking cakes are topped with same sex couples--one with two women, one with two men.

It's quite the statement, as is New York's Gay Pride Week which is one of the largest celebrations of the gay community in the nation. The gay community could have something else to celebrate this Pride Week if the New York Senate stops dragging its feet. Earlier this week the State Assembly passed the marriage equality bill for the fourth time, sending it back to the senate once again. After a handful of Republican senators changed their nos to yes, the bill still remains one vote shy of the number it needs to pass.

See photos of the cakes at the Village Voice.