After the UK's production data, the pair rebounded 141 pips in the last few hours. Right now, the pair is trading at 150.70 yens per pound. If the pair keeps its uptrend, the next target will be 151.60 (week highs). Despite that, the continued yen strength is a theme to highlight. After the BoJ said it won't intervene in the market, it's possible that the pair will invert the trend before the weekend.In the technical aspect, the Bands of Bollinger are with a 25 pips volatility between the middle and upper band. The 14 period with one hour window RSI is in a neutral zone. The 200 day MA could be a resistance if the pair continues climbing. However, we see how the 20-day MA is consolidating with the price, right now.

Observing the pair's evolution in the last month, it's possible that the pair climb up to 153.10 in the next few days, after rebounding on the key support at 149.06 yens per dollar.