FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The GBP/JPY is in a new attempt to break the 141.50 resistance level after rise around 225 pips in the American session from the 139.45 to 141.70.

Along the European session, the GBP/JPY has been traded on the range between 139.80 and 1.3945, but after the US opening bell, the pair has begun to rise to reach the 141.70, today's maximum.

Currently, The GBP/JPY is trading around the 141.40/50 band. If the pair breaks the 141.50 level, it could go up to the 143.50, as November 25 minimum, then it will go up toward the 147.70, December 1st maximum.

On the downside, if the pair fails, it could fall to the 139.80 again and 138.30, as today's minimum, and 137.65, as yesterday's minimum.