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British Pound - US Dollar Exchange Rate: 1.5868 (at the time of analysis update)
GBP/USD Outlook: Short-term: Volatile Sideways/Down. Near-term: Volatile Sideways/Down.

GBP/USD Analysis (November 14, 2012): A short-selling position at 1.5870 with a stop-loss at 1.5900 (-30 pips) and take-profit target first at 1.5840 (+30 pips) and then 1.5800 (+70 pips).

Previous Analysis (November 12, 2012): A short-selling order at 1.5885 with a stop-loss at 1.5925 (-40 pips) and take-profit target first at 1.5850 (+35 pips) and then 1.5810 (+75 pips).

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GBP/USD Interest rate Comparison
(For Carry Trades)
GBP interest rate
usd interest rate
GBP/USD interest rate comparision


GBP/USD Pivot Points

GBP/USD - Resistance and Support with Daily Pivot Points (Values at GMT 00:00)



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