R3: 2.0280

R2: 2.0250

R1: 2.0210/20

Current Price: 2.0160

S1: 2.0120

S2: 2.0080

S3: 2.0040/50

Rate finds offers capping strength in the 2.0200/20 area as expected and is falling back to test support at or around the 2.0100 area; look for a reversal later should stops be found under the 2.0080 area from late longs. Strong sell signal given today also suggests rate is topping, aggressive traders can sell above the 2.0180 area if we get it again today. Stops above the market at 2.0240/50 area likely out of reach today. Close under the 2.0080 area opens the door for a test of the 2.0000 area in my view.