R3: 2.0250

R2: 2.0210/20

R1: 2.0180/90

Current Price: 2.0160

S1: 2.0120

S2: 2.0100

S3: 2.0080

Rate tries for highs one more time and is turned back at the triple-top at the 2.0220 area making the resistance a quadruple-top; very strong resistance in my view. OK to ADD to shorts from the 2.0180 area looking for a break back to the 100 bar MA again. Close under the 2.0070/80 area likely to draw a long-liquidation break. Stops likely close-in and in-range again on the way down from late longs; likely building in the 2.0130/40 area as that was good resistance on the way higher.