Several traders asked me a very simple question. “Setyo, is the GBP/USD is going to go up or down?” Like in my daily analysis lately, I said to them that the market has been very difficult to trade lately because it has been showing us no clear direction. Technically, I prefer a downside scenario since the the pair keep moving down after failed to stay above 1.6660 on June 30. But, the pair also failed to stay below 1.6000 psychological level 4 days ago. This kind of market doesn’t give us the best trading opportunities, especially for intraday traders. However, in my opinion, the highest probability trade in this situation is to buy around 1.6000 or to sell around 1.6660 area with a very tight stop loss. For me, the most important lesson we can take from current situation as forex traders is to have “unlimited patient”  if the market has no clear direction and when doing nothing is the best thing to do.