FXStreet.com (Phoenix) - GBP/USD Current price: 1.4631. Neutral Sentiment continues on with the Hourly View, as Price Behavior break to the Downside from the Symmetrical Triangle, although still horizontally Range-Bound between approx. 1.4618 and 1.4750. Dynamic Support nearby with the 200SMA @ 1.4630, and a breach of this Level brings Daily Static Support at 1.4590.

Price Appreciation to the Upside out of the Range sees the Daily Pivot @ 1.4664 and onto Daily Static Resistances @ 1.4738 and 1.4784 where we clip the Channel, said Tim Salem, collaborator at FXstreet.com. Downside Risk arrives with Failure @ the 1.4590 Support, and further Depreciation sees 1.4544 and 1.4470 with a pending Downward Slope on RSI confirming the Sentiment.

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