General Electric's transportation unit unveiled a new line of fuel efficient and low emissions locomotives on Monday offering them as an alternative to the aging fleet, the company said.

GE's latest locomotives' price has not been disclosed but it is know the fleet is equipped with an alternating current motor which uses up to 17 percent less fuel and reduces emissions by approximately 70 percent, compared to the direct current motors used commonly by transportation firms, GE said.

GE is building the new locomotive at its Pennsylvania manufacturing plants in Erie and Grove City. The company said 600 of the latest locomotives can make the work of up to 800 older locomotives, a savings of 70 million gallons of fuel.

Last week, GE announced it will open a new factory in New York to manufacture high tech batteries including one based on sodium. The batteries, and othe products, will be used on GE's hybrid locomotive which will be commercialized in 2010.