Gears of War 4, the Xbox exclusive game, which released Oct. 12 also saw the release of new Legacy maps for the game, two of which will debut Nov. 1. The maps — Checkout and Drydock — will be added to the game's multiplayer arena lineup for season pass holders Nov. 1 and for regular players Nov. 8.

Microsoft also released two flyover videos for the maps, offering players an insight into their layout and terrain. 

Both maps are originally from Gears of War 3. While Checkout takes place in an abandoned supermarket in Hanover city, 25 years after the Locust Wars, and includes fast and frenetic combat, Drydock takes place in an old dockyard — a combination of rusting industrial debris and mudflat.

Players will receive two maps per month over the next 12 months and the game developer will offer early access to all season pass holders within the developer playlist, followed by a release for regular players.

Season pass holders will also receive the vintage VIP pack, including the vintage JD character skin, vintage gnasher and Dropshot weapon skins, vintage JD emblem and vintage JD bounty for extra XP and permanent DLC map ownership of over 24 additional maps for private play on dedicated servers.