After years of exclusivity on the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console, “Gears of War” will finally be coming to the Windows PC. This won’t just be a regular port of the game, however, as Rod Fergusson, head of game studio the Coalition, has stated the game would be remastered from the ground up. The new version will be called “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition,” and will also be coming to Xbox One.

The original “Gears of War” came out in 2006 and proved to be an instant hit. It has been a Microsoft-exclusive title ever since, garnering a number of sequels and spinoffs that helped the title gain more than $1 billion in 2014.

In the new version, fans can expect improved graphics. According to PC Gamer, "Ultimate Edition" also will support 4K resolution and have no framerate locking.

Fergusson also hinted that upgrades would go beyond the visuals, telling Polygon about “a lot of changes and modernizations.” This could mean a redone dialogue, new enemies or new weapons, but Fergusson didn't offer specifics.

“Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” was announced for Xbox One during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The Xbox One version will arrive Aug. 25; no release date has been set yet for the PC version.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Behind the Scenes (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)