RTTNews - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair released a joint statement Wednesday outlining the Legacy Securities Program.

The Legacy Securities program is designed to support market functioning and facilitate price discovery in the asset-backed securities markets, allowing banks and other financial institutions to re-deploy capital and extend new credit to households and businesses.

Under this program, Treasury will invest up to $30 billion of equity and debt in Legacy Securities Public-Private Investment Programs (PPIP) established with private sector fund managers and private investors for the purpose of purchasing legacy securities.

The Legacy Securities PPIP allows the Treasury to partner with leading investment management firms in a way that increases the flow of private capital into these markets while maintaining equity upside for US taxpayers, the statement said.

Initially, the Legacy Securities PPIP will participate in the market for commercial mortgage-backed securities and non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities.

To qualify, for purchase by a Legacy Securities PPIP, these securities must have been issued prior to 2009 and have originally been rated AAA - or an equivalent rating by two or more nationally recognized statistical rating organizations - without ratings enhancement and must be secured directly by the actual mortgage loans, leases, or other assets.

Each Legacy Securities PPIP fund manager will receive an equal allocation of capital from Treasury. These Legacy Securities PPIP fund managers have also established meaningful partnership roles for small-, veteran-, minority-, and women-owned businesses.

In addition to the evaluation of applications, Treasury has conducted legal, compliance and business due diligence on each pre-qualified Legacy Securities PPIP fund manager.

Each pre-qualified Legacy Securities PPIP fund manager will have up to 12 weeks to raise at least $500 million of capital from private investors for the PPIF.

The equity capital raised from private investors will be matched by Treasury. Each pre-qualified Legacy Securities PPIP fund manager will also invest a minimum of $20 million of firm capital into the PPIF.

Upon raising this private capital, pre-qualified Legacy Securities PPIP fund managers can begin purchasing Eligible Assets. Treasury will also provide debt financing up to 100% of the total equity of the PPIF.

In addition, PPIFs will be able to obtain debt financing raised from private sources, and leverage through the Federal Reserve's and Treasury's Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF), for those assets eligible for that program, subject to total leverage limits and covenants.

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