U.S treasury Secretary; Timothy Geithner stated today that the Obama Administration intend to seal the $700 billion financial bailout program soon, the bailout program was aimed to boost the tumbling U.S economy.

Providing no further details on the mechanism or a time frameon terminating the bailout program; Secretary Geithner stated that the government is near a pivot point to wind down this program and end it.

Geithner also stated that a quick and comprehensive means should be taken to bring transparency to the global unregulated $600 trillion derivatives marketinto place and work on the matter in order to restore confidence in the world's leading economy.

The U.S government presented the market at the peak of the financial crisis with the bailout plan in order to boost spending and stimulate growth, recently Geithner stated in a hearing that Substantial Resources provided from TARP program will be used to pay the huge national debt of the United States as the budget deficit widens further taking the national debt of the united states above $12 trillion.