GelTech Solutions, developers of the revolutionary FireIce® fire suppressant and protectant, a technology which stands ready to reshape firefighting practices on a global scale, reported selection by a Fortune 200, publicly traded US utility today to provide FireIce as the first line of attack in fighting manhole fires.

A vast amount of rigorous analysis was performed via third party labs, encompassing both field testing and laboratory experimentation over a 15-month interval, validating the product’s efficacy, and environmental sustainability. This process ultimately led to the selection of FireIce as the product of choice for dealing with the manhole fires that have continued to crop up, threatening vital infrastructure in many old cities like New York, Boston and Washington DC.

Extreme temperature conditions, like cold snaps or heat waves, often lead to critical, systemic stress to sub-surface infrastructure like electrical cabling, resulting in compromised systems, often resulting in a fire. The overwhelming majority of manhole fires are due to such problems and, more often than not, water in the manholes leads to cable corrosion, another major source of manhole fires.

After some 24 months of continuous evaluation of FireIce, the product was successfully listed on the United States Forest Service’s Qualified Products List in March. With open approval for use on Federal land via ground equipment or air drop to fight wildfires, FireIce is quickly living up to the strong environmental reputation that GLTC has so diligently cultivated.

Because FireIce is able to be used with all existing firefighting equipment, the product’s clean environmental profile and powerful effects has led to rapid adoption throughout the industry.

President of GLTC, Joseph Ingarra, spoke of the workflow improvements provided by the superior control/suppression characteristics of FireIce and how this ultimately leads to less time for fire crews on-site, leading to less negative economic impact for all parties downstream. Cost-effective, time-saving and well within increasingly stringent environmental regulations, FireIce is the right product at the right time for the industry as a whole.

CEO of GLTC, Michael Cordani, got right down to the technical data and emphasized that the superiority of the performance of the product under manhole fire scenario conditions “could not be overstated”, pointing directly to the empirical data that showed FireIce could put out blazes over 20k°F with unprecedented-industry-wide capacity to contain emissions from the fire.

Cordani was clearly very pleased both with the Company’s flagship product and the announcement, confident that this opportunity to show other utilities how FireIce can be a silver bullet for what is one of the industry’s most difficult and hazardous problems.