General Environmental Management Inc., a growing waste management solution provider based in California, has a lot of things going for it. The waste management market tends to be relatively stable in any economic environment, and they have the expertise and technology to deal with almost any type of waste handling issue, including hazardous materials processing. They also have a management team with skills well beyond just the waste management industry.

But one of GEM’s strongest assets is GEMWare, its industry-leading web-based information management system. GEMWare is designed to give companies the speed and flexibility necessary to enable generators of all sizes to control hazardous materials, waste management, and disposal activities, in the most efficient way possible. It streamlines and optimizes virtually every aspect of waste processing.

• Storage area organization
• Inventory management
• Waste stream profiling and disposal approvals
• Materials and services request and purchase
• Shipment scheduling
• Advanced reporting

GEMWare also provides instant access to comprehensive, up-to-date information in a variety of areas, including environmental regulatory compliance guidelines, disposal site capabilities, waste stream histories, and shipment transaction activity. In addition, it allows customers to monitor multiple remote waste processing activities from one location. From any computer, customers can access data associated with their waste shipments, including profiles, approvals, service schedules, pricing, and more.

Another important aspect of GEMWare is the associated online Environmental Management Resources Center, which allows access to a wide range of related industrial technical data, including the following:

• Online emergency response guide
• Waste minimization guidelines
• Chemical labeling guide
• Periodic table of the elements
• ChemRetriever – An extensive chemical database, with RCRA and DOT classifications
• 101 Table – An online version of the DOT’s 49 CFR 172.01 table of hazardous material shipping names and packaging guidelines
• Regulatory Information – Access to EPA and DOT regulations for hazardous materials and waste, as well as links to state-specific regulatory agencies

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