General Environmental Management, Inc.,, is a developing environmental service company whose business model has proven its ability to perform a structural market adaptation. Its subsidiary, Southern California Waste Water (SCWW), which treats and disposes of non-hazardous wastewater and serves as a nodal inlet to a robust and growing nationwide network of full-spectrum environmental service facilities, was recently cited as a prime candidate for investment by an article at , a respected online market analysis site.

The Company’s recent acquisition of SCWW has enabled a structural shift to accommodate market forces, producing a business model innovation that is demand-centric, allowing GEVI to move into and take up significant nationwide presence in wastewater remediation while extending the footprint SCWW has in the oil, gas and industrial waste market, especially in CA.

SCWW is eminent throughout the US for wastewater treatment, with 30%+ profit margins and a reputation good enough to be selected by the EPA for contract. The SCWW facilities have processed an astonishing 2+ billion gallons of wastewater to date, and have a 420k barrel/day capacity.

Investors must always be aware that current trends are a clear indicator for future conditions. Increasing demands on global water usage have led to unsustainable dynamics, leading some analysts to float around terms like peak-water to express the problem and the imminent exponential increases in demand for clean potable water and water remediation services in general.

The US water market is roughly $120B, with an estimated 7% annual growth rate. The global market is around $400B, and vastly outpacing the US due to the conditions of merging markets – a reality which is bringing water quality alongside quantity to the forefront of resource management concerns worldwide.

Wastewater remediation as a market has very little ceiling; an estimated 1,500 cubic kilometers of wastewater is produced each year and, as a potential resource for both energy and irrigation, is largely wasted.

This is where GEVI stands poised to make incredible moves by offering a basket of field services, remediation, transportation, on-site technical and EHS compliance services, and off-site treatment for hazardous and non-hazardous materials (a process streamlined by the Company’s proprietary GEMWare software platform).

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