General Environmental Management Inc. is an integrated environmental services company which offers clients a variety of environmental and waste-related services. Among the services offered by the company are enviroconstruction and brownfield reclamation services.

The company has had great success in “recycling” brownfield sites and turning them back into useful real estate. General Environmental’s expertise is exemplified by the successful demolition of a Southern California locomotive chrome plating facility which was located near an elementary school and the large-scale contaminated soil removal and barge transport projects in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska.

The company’s experience in the enviroconstruction area is pertinent because undertaking any construction activities associated with contaminated soils, or industrial sites where hazardous materials were used, is very difficult from both a technical and regulatory standpoint. Any company doing such work must plan and monitor the work so they can protect their workers, the adjacent community and the environment.

General Environmental Management brings to the table a unique blend of specialized construction experience and comprehensive understanding of the complex technical and regulatory requirements associated with hazardous waste treatment and management, along with transportation and disposal.

Through the company’s creative project management, highly-trained workforce, in-house permitted storage and treatment capabilities, and relationships with a national network of hazardous waste recycle, treatment and disposal facilities, General Environmental Management can design and implement successful enviroconstruction projects that result in significant savings for their customers.

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