General Environmental Management, Inc. announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Cake Energy, LLC, a privately held waste-to-energy technology company, to build and operate leading-edge waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities in the western United States.

“We are excited to announce this LOI for the proposed joint venture with Cake Energy,” stated GEM CEO Tim Koziol. “As previously announced, GEM has committed to entering the WTE market and we could not have found a better partner than Cake Energy. Their technology is truly unique and revolutionary in dealing with the growing problem of managing primary sewage waste, also known as sludge. A single Cake WTE plant can process up to 120 tons a day of sludge. Their process dries and atomizes wet sludge for use as the primary dry fuel for the ongoing drying, deodorizing and sterilizing of all toxins. Surplus fuel, produced from the drying process, is used as a high-grade atomized fuel for alternate power generation. Additionally, 60% of the evaporated water can be recaptured for recycle. It is a truly remarkable technology.”

Koziol continued, “The goal of this joint venture is for GEM and Cake to design, build, own and operate these proprietary sludge processing WTE plants. The anticipated revenue model is to charge municipalities a flat price per ton of waste processed as well as sell the excess energy generated from the process. We are currently working with Cake on several proposals for large metropolitan municipalities and hope to build the first WTE plant in the next 24 months.”

Cake Energy CEO Peter Douglas commented, “The design engineers have devoted their energies over the past four years to ensure the technical specifications and performance of pilot projects deliver the outputs that have been predicted in the design specifications. The Chief Design Engineer and Inventor, Mr. Patrick Potter, has specialized in the design, installation and operation of many energy recuperation projects, specifically in the elimination of waste materials, throughout the UK and Australasia for more than 40 years. Additionally, Cake has worldwide patent applications for four of the critical process components, as well as the overall process.”

Lisa Heinz, Director and Executive Vice President of Corp Finance for Cake Energy, added, “The Heinz family has invested into this technology and we are very excited about the partnership and its environmentally friendly initiatives. We’ve evaluated countless technologies to deal with this seldom referenced but highly pertinent issue. In our search we found this waste-to-energy process superior to all others, offering a total solution to managing sewer waste while generating renewable energy.”

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