General Environmental Management, Inc., a leading environmental and waste remediation company, announced this morning that it has sold the stock of its GEM Mobile Treatment Services, Inc. (GEM MTS) unit to MTS Acquisition Company, Inc. According to the press release, GEM MTS will function independently with a seamless transitory period.

In exchange, GEM received promissory notes in the aggregate amount of $5.6 million, the assumption by GEM MTS of approximately $1.0 million of accounts payable as well as future royalties. In an effort to reduce liabilities and thus strengthen the balance sheet, the company has immediately assigned the consideration to CVC California, LLC, GEM’s senior secured lender.

Tim Koziol, CEO of General Environmental Management, stated, “By substantially reducing our requirement to service our debt, we have increased our ability to take advantage of other opportunities. The sale of GEM MTS will also allow us to concentrate our focus on extracting the greatest value from resources we employ in the current economic environment.”

Mr. Koziol added, “We are very pleased with the transaction that has taken place, as well as the sale price. Since our acquisition of GEM MTS in March of 2006, the unit has experienced tremendous growth under our leadership and we are very happy with the return on investment. However, as market dynamics change, we are adapting and will use our resources to best pursue GEM’s long-term goals.”

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