“General Hospital” fans know that the ABC soap opera doesn’t shy away from love scenes. The daytime drama has plenty of steamy sequences, but there are limits. Actors Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry revealed that they’ve been told to tone it down when acting in sex scenes as Alexis and Julian.

“Sometimes we do get too aggressive,” deVry admitted to TV Insider. “One time [executive producer] Frank Valentini had to step in and direct the scene because we were being too rough with each other. He wanted to make it more romantic.”

When asked about rehearsing sex scenes, Grahn joked that they’re method actors. “We actually have sex. Isn’t that what dressing rooms are for?” she quipped. “And I have the blessing of Will’s girlfriend. Rebecca Staab is a wonderful woman and very understanding. We’re one big happy family.”

All jokes aside, Grahn knows that Julian and Alexis fans aren’t watching for the occasional sex scene. They love the connection between the two characters, which is something Grahn credits to deVry’s commitment. “I’ve been on the show 20 years and nobody likes me very much,” she explained. “But Will does. The reason Julexis is successful is that Will commits to this relationship, which has not been my experience on soaps. Or in life. He doesn’t resent the idea of a man being head-over-heels in love with a woman, and that’s a frequent problem with actors.”

As previously reported, Julexis shippers have lots to look forward to this month. The couple will walk down the aisle in the Feb. 19 episode. Grahn has teased details about the wedding on Twitter.

Their wedding will be a major affair for most of the “General Hospital” cast, but it isn’t clear exactly who made the guest list. Actor Michael Easton is set to return to Port Charles as a new character, but ABC hasn’t revealed when he can be expected to show up. The wedding was filmed before Easton’s return was announced, so viewers probably shouldn’t expect him to be there.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for times.