It’s officially the end for Luke Spencer. “General Hospital” will air actor Anthony Geary’s final episodes this month and ABC has released a new promo to celebrate.

The video looks back at some of Luke’s most memorable moments on the soap opera. With 37 years on the show, there are plenty of promo-worthy scenes that could have been included, but obviously his wedding to Laura (Genie Francis) is one of the most important. The 1981 episode was a television event that drew over 30 million viewers.

Geary, 68, probably wouldn’t approve of the promo’s inclusion of Luke and Laura’s big day. He has repeatedly expressed his dislike for the couple's long history. 

“I just get really tired of the whole Luke-and-Laura thing,” Geary told TV Insider. “I think Genie would tell you the same. We’ve both been dragging the corpse of that relationship around for 30 years. I was able to insist on moving away from it, but being hyphenated as Luke-and-Laura has been a real pain in my a--. It irritated me that, no matter what I did on the show, no matter how many Emmys I won, I could never unhitch from that.”

Along with several other glimpses of the past, the promo also shows the present day where Laura and the rest of the characters will say a heartfelt goodbye to Luke before he leaves Port Charles. The promo includes “Nashville” star Jonathan Jackson, one of several actors who returned to the soap opera specifically for Geary’s last episodes.

Watch the “General Hospital” promo for Luke’s final episodes below: 

While Geary might not appreciate Luke's storyline with Laura, he did enjoy his last episode. “They’ve done a wonderful job of wrapping up the character,” Geary told Entertainment Weekly last month. “So this seems like the ideal time to go.”

Luke’s last episode of “General Hospital” airs Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for times.