Genesis Biopharma Inc., a biotech company developing targeted cancer therapies, is expanding its clinical focus to include an autologous cell therapy product candidate Contego™ as treatment of stage IV metastatic melanoma.

The company noted that the product name “Contego” is well fitting of the treatment’s designated application – a Latin term meaning to shield or to protect. Genesis Biopharma will develop Contego as a ready-to-infuse autologous cell therapy product that contains tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) taken from a patient’s metastatic melanoma tumors.

Genesis Biopharma explained that after resection of the patient’s tumor, TILs are isolated from the resected tumor and are then expanded in vitro to several hundred million cells. The expanded TILs are then infused into the patient, where they are designed to attack melanoma tumors throughout the patient’s body.

“Our intention is to move expeditiously to develop Contego for the treatment of metastatic melanoma,” Anthony J. Cataldo., chairman and CEO of Genesis Biopharma stated in the press release. “With the help of our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board (SMAB), we are hopeful Contego will successfully advance through clinical development and the regulatory process, and become available as a therapeutic option for the estimated 20,000 patients worldwide with stage IV metastatic melanoma.”

Cataldo, along with other members of the company’s SMAB, recently met in Chicago for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) symposia to review results from similar therapeutic approaches conducted by some of the nation’s leading cancer care centers, as well as to plan for the clinical development of Contego.

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