Genesis Electronics, Inc., a developmental stage electronics company with a patented process for charging a battery from solar energy and efficiently transferring that energy to the battery of an electronic device, recently announced that the company will create an international network of authorized, licensed distributors to facilitate sales of its products.

Holding a U.S. patent for a solar-powered charging technology, Genesis is completing development of a solar-powered charger for cell phones under the name SunBlazer™ and expects to bring the product to market within the next several months. The company’s solar-power charging technology can be used to greatly increase the reliability of hand-held and portable electronic devices.

Ed Dillon, Genesis Electronics’ chief executive officer, recently commented, “Today’s cell phones are loaded with features that can rapidly drain the phone’s battery, so Genesis’ solar-powered solution is both practical and timely. All preliminary demand indicators clearly showed the need for licensing major distributors with existing penetration in the European, Middle Eastern, Asian and South American markets. We feel that our discussions with some of the largest cell phone manufacturers point to the need for this type of international distribution network.”

Mr. Dillon concluded, “Our aim is to capture as much domestic and global market share as possible with our cell phone chargers, as well as other products and applications, in order to fully capitalize on our technology.”