Located in Calgary, Alberta, Genoil has become a recognized leader for their state-of-the-art technology and for being a friend of the environment. Today, Genoil took a step towards enhancing its future with the announcement they have received a breakthrough patent for sand decontamination from the United States Patent Office.

The patent recognizes Genoil’s unique positioning for the Gulf of Mexico disaster cleanup. Due to the research and development of Genoil, the sand decontamination patent has the potential to constitute a major advancement of the reactor design and offers a multitude of benefits to society and the marketplace.

Coupled with this newfound success, Genoil has also presented technical material to BP on its sand contamination to lead the Gulf of Mexico remediation. The discussions with BP are ongoing regarding the Crystal Sea water cleaner and it has been responding to requests for more information. Genoil has reduced the manufacturing & delivery time from three months to six weeks for an expedited fee. It should be emphasized that Ocean Therapy, Kevin Costner’s oil spill device is not state of the art, and does not comply with United States Coast Guard regulations.

Leading the team at Genoil is their CEO David L. Lifschulz. Lifschulz is renowned name in the sector and has led Genoil to national acclaim. When asked about the young company’s plans for the future, and the important of complying with United States Coast Guard regulations, Lifschulz was quoted as saying, “I cannot understand how an environmental cleanup effort in the Gulf of Mexico could be reliant on the Costner technology that does not comply with Coast Guard environmental regulations.”

Currently, Genoil is trading in the $0.16 range. With this state-of-the-art technology in place, Genoil may be a diamond in the over-the-counter-rough that is quickly evolving into a global power. Notably, Genoil has plans to establish a subsidiary in the Middle East and will be opening offices there to handle business in the immediate future.

To learn more about Genoil, visit the company website at: www.genoil.com.