Today, GenVec, Inc. announced that it will be working with Merial to develop and commercialize GenVec’s proprietary vaccine technology for use against foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). The leading FMD vaccine producer in the world, Merial has leading positions in all key markets. Under the agreement, Merial will be responsible for all costs related to the development and commercialization of FMD vaccines developed through the collaboration.

GenVec’s novel FMD vaccine approach utilizes the company’s proprietary adenovector technology. The vaccine is manufactured on a proprietary GenVec cell line that is capable of producing antigens without the use of the highly contagious FMD virus. Because the vaccine is produced without using live or killed virus materials, it can be produced cost effectively across the globe.

“We look forward to working with GenVec to explore this promising technology for FMD vaccines,” stated Teshome Mebatsion, Senior Director Vector Vaccine Research, Merial. Robert Nordgren, Global Head of Merial’s Bio R&D added that “Merial sees great potential for GenVec’s technology to positively impact the way that animal vaccines are produced and developed.”

“Our relationship with Merial complements our strategy of entering into collaborations to support the development of our pipeline of products,” commented Dr. Paul Fischer, GenVec’s President and Chief Executive Officer.