banon earlier today, having Lebanese militants firing rockets into northern Israel, investors left high-yielding assets such as the euro and saw refuge in the yen, the lowest-yielding asset, since fears eroded completely the appetite of risk.

As a result, the euro-dollar pair is falling as the appeal of the Union currency is so far eroded by the existing worries allowing the dollar therefore to advance against the euro that is traded at 1.3567 recording a high of 1.3665 and a low of 1.3533 along with a resistance level at 1.3568 and a support level at 1.3537, that are levels in which the pair is trading as mixed signs are detected through the momentum indicators at different time scales.

The pound-dollar pair is so far consolidated as investors are waiting patiently for the Bank of England rate cut decision that will be announced shortly, with the royal currency traded at 1.5071 recording a high 1.5107 and a low of 1.4982. Now, a resistance could be detected at 1.5089 and a support at 1.5030, knowing that the pair is floating around these levels as seen through the different time scales momentum indicators.

As for the dollar-yen pair, it is collapsing as the yen is now the major target of investors due to the fears created by the recent geopolitical tensions located in the Middle East, having the Japanese currency so far traded at 91.63 recording a high of 92.93 and a low of 91.55 alongside with a resistance level at 91.96 and a support at 91.30s.