Justin Bieber may be a connoisseur of colorful, fun-patterned socks, but the singer has nothing on self-declared sock man and former President George H.W. Bush.

On Tuesday, which was Bush's 88th birthday, an interview conducted by his granddaughter and NBC News contributor, Jenna Bush Hager, aired on the Today show. In the interview, Bush went on about his love of socks and his lack of knowledge of The Bieber, who also shares a love of colorful socks. According to Hager, her grandfather's sock style has drawn comparisons between him and Bieber.

I like a colorful sock, Bush said, when Hager brought up recent photos of her grandfather sporting wild socks. I'm a sock man.

According to The Hill, the elder Bush appeared at the White House last month donning brightly colored socks during the unveiling of an official portrait of his son, George W. Bush. Bush also wore a similar pair to an interview where he officially endorsed Mitt Romney.

Bush also modeled the yellow argyle pair he wore during the interview, admitting they are much more low-key than others in his collection.

This is a modest pair here today - subdued, you might say, he said.

During the interview, Hager said many have noted likeness between the former president and Bieber, 18, who is also known for his sock collection; however, The Bieber, as Bush called the singer, is a mystery.

Biebs? Is he a sock man? I don't know much about The Bieber. I never see him, I don't know what he does.

Hager then gave her rendition of Baby, Bieber's most popular song, for her grandpa, who said:

Is that his song? I don't think I like it.

In addition to socks and Bieber, Bush dished about subjects, including his presidency, which he called not too shabby.

I've kind of banned the use of the L-word, 'legacy' word, he said. I think history will ... point out some of the things I did wrong, and perhaps some of the things we did right.

George H.W. Bush also admitted that he plans to celebrate his 90th birthday by doing something extreme that he has never done before: Sky-diving.

View the video below of George H.W. Bush on the Today show.

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