George Zimmerman is set to be charged for shooting Trayvon Martin to death on Feb. 26, according to news reports.

Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey will announce as early as Wednesday afternoon that Zimmerman will face a charge or charges in connection with the slay of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, according to the Washington Post.

It has yet to be announced what charges George Zimmerman will face. Zimmerman was not charged after admitting that he killed Trayvon Martin because he claimed self defense under the state's controversial, lax Stand Your Ground gun law.

Angela Corey said Tuesday that new information about the case would be released with three days during a news conference, and some observers predicted that Geogre Zimmerman was to be charged, though the Wednesday reports are the first to explicitly state that.

The Martin family has been put on alert for an announcement of some sort from Corey's office this week, according to their lawyer Benjamin Crump, the Post said.

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman's attorneys said Tuesday that they have lost contact with their client, and that they will no longer be representing him. And the Martin family stated that they were concerned that he will not be able to be located when it is time for him to face his charges, as his lawyers said he is believed to no longer be in Florida.