A video of the interview of George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, by a Seminole County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office investigator that was leaked online earlier this month tells a different story from the one told by Scheibe, who claimed authorities were intimidating during questioning.

The video, which was leaked online Monday at ZimmermanVerdict.com via Christi O'Connor, shows Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen LaGuardia calmly asking Scheibe about an alleged November domestic violence incident between her and Zimmerman. It also shows Scheibe making statements that she later denied making. You can watch the entire exchange below.

Scheibe said Trayvon Martin's killer pointed a shotgun at her “for a second” and threatened her, saying, “Do you really want to do this?” referring to going to police.

“He was trying to scare me out of not [sic] calling,” she told LaGuardia.

Scheibe told the investigator that she considered calling 911 on Zimmerman before “because he has episodes,” adding that Zimmerman choked her once to the point where she had trouble breathing.

When LaGuardia asked why she didn’t call the police after that incident, Scheibe responds, “because I feel like he always gets off,” an apparent reference to the February 2012 killing of Martin. Zimmerman was acquitted of murder in the unarmed black teen’s death in a case that divided the country.

When asked if she was in fear of Zimmerman, Scheibe said, “Yes and no. I mean, no because he’s locked up right now, and yes because he just lost the only person that had his back, so he has nothing to lose.”

In December, Scheibe said she didn’t want her boyfriend to face domestic violence charges.

"I am not afraid of George in any manner and I want to be with him," she said, according to CNN. She claimed police misinterpreted her statements and claimed Zimmerman never pointed a gun at her.

"I believe that the police misinterpreted me and that I may have misspoken about certain facts in my statement to the police," she said. "I do not feel that the arrest report accurately recounts what happened."

Prosecutors wound up not going forward with a case against Zimmerman.